Halloween at Cyberstar = So fun.

So I ended up waiting for Patience the dead schoolgirl and her friend and indian. I was asked if I was Frank Iero so many times. So I waited outside the Suntrust for a few minutes at 6:30, she got there, introduced me to her friend, we walked around, ate some candy, walked to the Library, walked back, sang some Apocolyptica. It's was so fun. But it was even more fun to go to the Cyberstar gamer's lounge. Met Chris again, the undead soldier, and I watched him yell at some kid while playing some Xbox game. It was really funny.

But low and behold, me and Amber spied the RockBand corner. Never having played the game before, I watched some dude for a while (who ended up hugging me randomly.) She played drums with me as I played bass, of course. But then I figure out drums was way more fun because RB bass lines are boring as hell. So after playing drums for 2 hours, me and Amber let some other kids have a turn and watched Chris play again. (who hugged me a lot as well.)

So after a while of me asking myself where this amazing game had been all my life, I was glomped by some dude in a Joker costume. Again, epic. Me and Amber chilled in the swivel chairs a bit, drank some soda, ate some chocolate. (amazing combination, by the way.) I was hugged again by a random dude in a red shirt. Basically all the cute guys hugged me. I don't know why, or care, but they did. And after, when I was walking out to my mom's car, I was asked for 3rd, 4th, 5th hugs. It got to the point where I had to say no. Honestly, it was epic. I didn't even know their names or anything, but while we were hugging, red-shirt-boy said, "Yo, I'm Tyler." so I'm hoping they'll be there next week.

Now that I now how kick ass RockBand is, I am so going most weekends. It's cheap too. Only 10 bucks for 6pm to 6am on Friday nights.

First entry thing. Do I get a medal?

Uh.. so I'm really lost, Petty dear. I guess I'll start posting random crap now? Sure, let's go with that.

Maybe I'll actually get use out of this thing. No one will read it, but at least I'll have this instead of a stupid diary for 5 year olds. I can post up writing and stuff. Hell, drawings too. But whatever.

So I didn't wanna post an entry without my layout, but I'm being a picky ass about it and making banner after banner, so I figured I might as well post SOMETHING. What, do I call these blogs or what? I sound like such a 90-year-old grandma or something whining about how she doesn't get kids these days.

Anyway, got a white button down shirt and bracelets and stuff for my Halloween costume, I'll look like shit, but whatever. It'll be dark in the courthouse and I'll be with Patience, so my ego will be like.. at epic levels when we start giggling and acting stupid and scaring little kids. Gonna be a rockstar carrying around my old guitar that I don't give a crap what happens to it. My bass (still on my first one, haha.) however, shall be plastered with band stickers in typical punk fashion and hung on my wall long after I stop playing him. Oh yes. District will never get trashed or sold. Never.

Ranting about things no one cares about, so I guess I'll end this right here. Bye creepy stalkers.
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